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05/04/2018 New Advisory Client Win: TrustedHealth
03/04/2018 Holding in Company
22/03/2018 Coinsilium exercises option to increase its stake in Indorse to 10%
09/03/2018 Purchase of Own Shares with Cash and Cryptocurrency and Clarification of number of Ordinary Shares
19/02/2018 Appointment of Mining Sector Advisor and TGE Update
23/01/2018 Advisory Services Update and Launch of Private Fund for Digital Tokens
09/01/2018 Coinsilium increases its shareholding in Indorse to 6.5%
22/12/2017 Holding in Company
19/12/2017 Grant of Options
19/12/2017 Statement Regarding Share Price
14/12/2017 Coinsilium Joins Hdac Token Generation Event Advisory Board
12/12/2017 Coinsilium Raises £720,000 in Fundraising
29/11/2017 Coinsilium acquires 30% interest in StartupToken Limited
13/11/2017 DJ Coinsilium Group Limited Appointment of Non-Executive Director
08/11/2017 Coinsilium signs Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) with UMT United Mobility Technology AG
16/10/2017 Sale of Treasury Shares
29/09/2017 Purchase of Shares 28th September 2017
26/09/2017 Unaudited Consolidated Interim Financial Statements for the Six Month Period Ended 30 JUNE 2017
23/08/2017 Launch of Terrastream, a Blockchain-Powered Platform
11/08/2017 Indorse Public Token Sale Launch and Grant of Option
01/08/2017 Completion of Sale of Interest in SatoshiPay
25/07/2017 Director Update and Change of Address July 2017 Draft for 24 07 LP edits MP
18/07/2017 CoinDash Token Generating Event Security Breach
04/07/2017 Proposed Disposal of Interest in Investee Company
14/06/2017 Coinsilium Signs MoU with Blockchain Focused Hedge Fund Hyperchain Capital
08/06/2017 Coinsilium Invests in Decentralised Professional Network
31/05/2017 Final audited results for the year ended 31 December 2016 and Notice of Annual General Meeting
24/05/2017 Investee Company Update
17/05/2017 Investee Company Update
11/05/2017 Coinsilium Invests In First Social Trading Crypto Asset Platform
28/04/2017 Coinsilium Fundraising Update 28th April 2017
10/04/2017 Strategic Alliance: Coinsilium Management Q&A
06/04/2017 Notification of Major Interest In Shares
31/03/2017 Total Voting Rights
30/03/2017 Corporate Update and Forthcoming Investor Events
07/03/2017 Fundraising and Trading Update
02/02/2017 Change of Auditors
30/01/2017 Change of Director
19/01/2017 Appointment of Non-Executive Director
16/01/2017 Investee Company Update SatoshiPay
14/12/2016 Change of Corporate Adviser & Office Address
16/11/2016 Board Changes
01/11/2016 Monthly Update
01/11/2016 Coinsilium divests from TRAC Technology Ltd
05/10/2016 Coinsilium Investee Factom, Inc. Raises Series A Funding, led by Tim Draper
23/09/2016 Unaudited Interim Results 2016
23/08/2016 Factom Intrinio Collaboration
15/08/2016 meXBT temporary suspension
11/08/2016 Factom Collaboration
29/07/2016 Factom announcement
21/07/2016 SatoshiPay Visa Collaboration
13/07/2016 Appointment of investee interim CEO
12/07/2016 Director Shareholding
12/07/2016 Result of AGM
01/07/2016 June Monthly update
29/06/2016 Appointment of finance director
20/06/2016 Notice of AGM
01/06/2016 Audited Financial Results for the period from Incorporation to 31 December 2015
31/05/2016 SatoshiPay announces release of API
01/04/2016 Board Changes
31/03/2016 SatoshiPay releases results of initial product launch
21/03/2016 Investee Company Update
09/03/2016 Coinsilium Blockchain Accelerator announced
24/02/2016 Factom Inc. and Ancun Zhengxin sign an MOU
12/02/2016 Holdings in Company
08/02/2016 Factom Inc. and iSoftStone sign an MOU
02/02/2016 SatoshiPay Launches Login-free Paywall
25/01/2016 Coinsilium Increases SatoshiPay Shareholding
21/01/2016 Coinsilium Increases Investment in Factom
19/01/2016 Unaudited interim results
14/01/2016 Coinsilium invests in Rootstock
12/01/2016 Coinsilium Increases Fuzo Shareholding
31/12/2015 Total Voting Rights
24/12/2015 Issue of Shares & Joint Broker Appointment
24/12/2015 Admission of Shares to Trading

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