“We're on a mission to lower the technical barrier of blockchains”

Neuroware.io is working hard to lower the technical barrier of blockchain application development via awareness, education, and infrastructure.

Despite the huge potential that blockchain technology is starting to show, the barrier to entry remains high for developers, and for many it can be difficult to know where to start. This is why Neuroware created the blockchain application stack Blockstrap.com – consisting of a detailed and developer-friendly blockchain API, a HTML5-based blockchain framework, and numerous other open source starting points and protocols – all designed to aid developers in getting started with their ideas. The Blockstrap stack currently supports 8 blockchains - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, DashPay, as well as their corresponding testnets.

Neuroware’s core offerings are creating tools, infrastructure, workshops, and hackathons for developers and newcomers looking to build on the blockchains. Founded in 2014, and operating globally from of their base in Southeast Asia, they currently support more than 250 developers with registered with Blockstrap API keys and more than 200 downloads of their framework.

The Neuroware team also consults for a growing number of global and regional entities, including a number of banks, an accelerator, a bitcoin mining pool, as well as several startups and outreach projects across the world.


Meet the team

Mark Smalley – CTO and responsible for our framework and applications

Adam Giles – CEO and responsible for our API and infrastructure

Johnny Mayo – CMO and responsible for our events and marketing




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