Financial Inclusion as a Service
Fuzo (formally known as bitSIM*) is focused on Financial Inclusion and their target market is the circa 2.5 billion unbanked/underbanked in the developing world.
Fuzo puts bitcoins & blockchain assets on top of any existing SIM card on any mobile phone; enabling mass adoption & easy frictionless payments and transactions.
Designed for a mobile-first new world, seamlessly available to everyone, the Fuzo  mobile wallet solution works regardless of a phone’s hardware or network provider.
The Fuzo Platform is a "chip to cloud" quad –play and is a secure platform for developers, consumers and nextgen payment providers to leverage and introduce bitcoin & blockchain services on top of existing mobile infrastructure. Fuzo apps can include: mIDentity, mBanking, mCommerce, mRemittance as well as mGaming and other infotainment apps.
Fuzo is headed up by Leon-Gerard  Vandenberg, Co-Creator of NavyCash, the US Navy’s on-board mobile cashless payment system.